FastAir offers services for shipping and customs clearance of aircraft spare parts and equipment from
foreign suppliers with three delivery schedules:

AOG (47 hours from U.S. , 22 hours from Europe),
CRITICAL (4-6 days from U.S. , 2-3 days from Europe),
ROUTINE (delivery through consolidation facility 10-12 days).

We take care of all the paperwork necessary for customs clearance process. All we need from you is a
brief description of the parts being imported with an extract from the IPC and pro-forma invoice, which
will indicate the value of the parts. For delivery of your order, we need to know the address of the
sender, recipient, their contact information, and the preferred method of delivery.

Based on the value of items listed on the invoice, we’ll fill out the customs declaration and write off
customs charges from your down payment.

In case you do not know in advance the cost components (warranty programs, exchange, Flight stage),
our carrier, after receipt of the goods from your supplier independently scans pro-forma invoice, which
will indicate the value, and send it to us.

Another service that we provide is, to export of parts for repair from Russia, through our consolidation
facility in the U.S.

We can offer our clients to send a lot of faulty parts to our facility in U.S. and from there deliver them directly to repair facilities. This procedure will greatly reduce your organizations shipping expenses